The famous actress starred in the desert in a transparent dress


The famous actress starred in the desert in a transparent dress

Photo: Instagram / gal_gadot

The celebrity shone against the backdrop of harsh landscapes in a dress similar to a bird's plumage. A photoshoot was made for the May issue of gloss.

Popular Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot starred for the world famous gloss Vogue in a piquant outfit. The shooting took place in the desert, and the celebrity had a transparent dress. The photo was published in the Instagram account of the publication.

Gadot, 34, known for her role in the film Wonder Woman, posed in a long dress made of transparent fabric with stripes that looked like bird feathers. The sleeves are made in the form of wings.

The photo shows that Gadot ignored the bra.

The signature to the photo says that the photo session was made for the May issue of the magazine and worked on the photo before the quarantine introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"@gal_gadot talks about life, love, family, and how her world has changed since she played #WonderWoman," the publication said.

Instagram / gal_gadot

It also notes that the premiere of the picture was postponed to August 14, 2020.

The author of the shooting for Vogue was 70-year-old Annie Leibovitz, and the fashion director of the publication Tony Goodman became the stylist.

Earlier we reported that Vogue magazine will be released for the first time with a white cover.

We also wrote that Paris Hilton appeared in public in a "naked" dress. At the same time, the star ignored the bra, and covered the nipples with special stickers.

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