Model starred in a bikini from medical masks: photos


Model starred in a bikini from medical masks: photos

Photo: Instagram / jill.hardener

Despite criticism, the photos received almost 160 thousand likes

A model from Berlin on social networks posted candid photos. However, haters attacked the girl, who criticized her for using the medical masks for other purposes.

The German model Jill Hardener was sharply criticized for posing in a bikini, which she made of medical masks. At the same time, the girl coquettishly asked her subscribers who would go on a date with her, writes Daily Star.

Hardener posted piquant photos on Instagram for his 1.7 million subscribers.

In candid shots, the model poses naked. Her intimate places are covered with white medical masks.

“Who will go on a date with me if I am in this form?”, Jill signed a post, which, by the way, received almost 160 thousand likes.

The publication caused a lot of criticism.

"Cool, you wasted a mask that the whole planet is trying to get," "We have to wear the same masks for several months," "People die and masks are inaccessible … you have to be banned on Instagram," "Why would you donate the masks that you get in the hospital? "," Do not spend them like that, "commentators wrote.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian model was criticized for a photo of a "swimsuit" from respirators.

We also recall that the model boasted a “blocker” of coronavirus.

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Markus Wischenbart