American arrested for licking goods in a supermarket


American arrested for licking goods in a supermarket


The police were already "familiar" with the citizen

A woman came to the store and started licking bottles and packaging there. Since the goods cannot be returned for sale due to the coronavirus pandemic, the American caused nearly 2 thousand dollars worth of damage.

A California resident was arrested by police for licking goods at a Safeway store in South Lake Tahoe. The damage was estimated at 1800 dollars. A criminal case has been opened, writes NBC News.

The 53-year-old woman focused mainly on licking alcohol bottles and meat packages.

Local law enforcement officers said that they are already "familiar" with the citizen. However, for what offenses she was detained earlier, not reported.

An American, while awaiting trial, will while away time in prison, because she does not have money to release on bail.

As previously reported, in Munich, a man was detained who licked the handrails in the subway.

Recall that a man licking goods in a store was detained as a terrorist.

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Markus Wischenbart